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Hairstyles for curly hair

Curly hair looks attractive as they give your hair an extra bounce increasing the grace of your look. If you are born with natural curly look, then you really don’t have to spend on the curling irons etc. Now it is not the time when everyone wants their hair straight as curly hair are back again and too with the combination of new technology and innovation. There is an ample range of hairstyles to suit all kinds of get-together then weather it is ceremonial or unceremonious for those who have natural curls to those who apply curls for an elegant look.

It is often thought that there is a limited range of hairstyles to choose from for people having curly hairs. Actually it is true, people having naturally curly hair often have limited options of styling. Now with the advent of different styling technology, there are more flexible ways of styling even with curly hair.

Now we will see all the hair styles which can be done with curly hairs:

  • Au Natural: The best hair style for curly hair to leave them natural. Make sure not to comb your hair when they are dry as hairstyles for curly hairit can make your hair frizzy. Comb your hair with a wide tooth comb when they are wet. Avoid touching your hair again and again to make them a mess.
  • The curly pony tail: You can put elastic to your hair holding hair together on your head.
  • Curls just at the end: If you have natural curls from the roots of your hair you can use a straightening iron to straighten your hair from roots till Shoulders.
  • Half up and half down: Grab top half of your hair and pull it back as you smooth it with your hands. Secure it with a barrette or elastic that matches the color of your hair.
  • Volumized curls: Apply a body-boosting product to damp roots before diffusing or air-drying. When your hair is dry rattail comb to lift up your roots even more. Now gently rib your curls with a skinny curling iron, and then blast hair with hairspray.
  • Curls over the shoulders: Pull one side of your curls over the opposite shoulder leaving all your hair on one side of the shoulder. This can also be called as side pony tail.
  • The wavy fake bob: To get this look make a low loose ponytail and tie it with elastic. Now roll hair under, secure with bobby pins, and then gently tug the hair to create the bob shape.

Haircuts for curly hair:

Cutting curly hair is a complicated work because, curly hair if cut in a wrong way your hair can look messy and can spoil your look. Mentioned below are some haircuts.Haircuts for curly hair:

  • Long wavy haircut: This hair cut is useful to you if you have fine to medium hair with loose, uneven waves.
  • Medium to long haircut with minimal layers: This haircut is suitable to you if you have wavy hair.
  • Shoulder length pageboy cut with longer layers at the ends: If your hair is very heavy with very tight curls this haircut is perfect for you.
  • Really long haircut with layers: Get this haircut done If you have fine to medium hair with tight spiral curls.
  • Layered pixie with longer layers in the front: You can get this haircut done if your hair have course, wavy hair.
  • Extremely layered long cut: If you have medium dense hair that’s wavy and relaxed then this haircut is good for you.
  • Layered bob with side swept bangs: Get this haircut done if you have fine to medium hair with a mix of waves and curls.

Hairstyles for curly hair for wedding: Wedding is an occasion where everyone from bride to the guests wants to look good and if you have curly hair it is a plus point as curls look so good for the auspicious occasions like wedding. One can do following hairstyles which can be done by both bride and guests.

  • A half up and half down look worn with side separation and ornamented with crown piece looks glossy and dazzling.
  • Average length, curly pale hair, styled in tidy, wobbly open hair that is very comfortable and also looks dynamic.
  • Voluminous curly hair, styled in a side ponytail that looks a little messy and had a cool and funky touch to its exhibit.
  • To create a sweet look, side parting your hair half up and half down and having fingers loosened along the face.
  • For a breezy look, leave your curls loose on the shoulders, secured with a hair band.
  • If you want to make your look romantic, twin toned curly hair styled in a high and fuller looking up do that ahs small roses tucked in it.

However, curly hair needs more care but they look very attractive and beautiful. Make sure you condition your curls properly to keep the looks which will make them smooth and shiny.

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